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Cleaning Services We Offer:

Roof Cleaning
PRO Exterior Cleaning offers expert cleaning of asphalt shingle, fiberglass shingle and wood shingle roofs. Dirt on roofs is more than just ugly. It can damage your roof, which can shorten the life of shingles. In fact, those black streaks on your roof are typically algae (Gloeocaspa Magma)that feed on your shingles. We can remove mold, mildew, moss, algae, lichen, and dirt, using our proprietary process and environmentally-friendly cleaners -- NO Bleach --that clean your roof safely and effectively, restoring the beauty and curb appeal of your home. We can also apply treatments that help keep mold and other biological contaminants from coming back. Most jobs can be completed in just one day. Click here for before and after photos.
Shingles, before and after.
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Gutter Cleaning, before and afterGutter Cleaning
Gutters that are clogged with leaves and debris can be harmful to your home, allowing water to back up and overflow, and leaving your house vulnerable to ice dams, dry rot, and peeling paint. Moss and algae can also build up in your gutters, slowing the flow and often spilling over leaving residue and dirt on your siding. PRO Exterior Cleaning can clean your gutters so they work like new.

Gutter Protection Systems
If your gutters are prone to filling with debris or clogging with leaves, pine needles, etc., the ideal long-term solution is a Gutter Sealing System from PRO Exterior Cleaning. We first clean your gutters, then use closed cell water-permeable foam inserts to seal your gutters. Water flows through it easily, but leaves and dirt cannot get in. Will not freeze up in the winter. Learn more here.

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Siding Before and AfterSiding Cleaning and House Washing
Wood siding, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, cedar shakes, brick or stone siding -- PRO Exterior Cleaning can clean them all beautifully, removing stains, moss, mildew and more.

Chimney Sealing --10 Year Warranty!
Over time, water and ice can seep into the mortar in your brick chimney, causing the mortar to weaken and even fall out, and moisture to get in. Unsightly white efflorescence can also form on the outside of your chimney. PRO Exterior Cleaning can apply our special Chimney Waterproofer to the outside of your chimney, to help prevent water and ice damage and protect your chimney. We also make minor crown repairs.

chimney sealing prevents efflorescence and structural damage

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We Clean Steps, Patios, Porches,Walkways and Pool Aprons
Wondering about the best way to clean up unsightly walkways and dirty pool aprons? Do your walkways detract from the good looks of your home? Does the dirt on your pool apron eventually work its way into your pool, where you have to clean it again? PRO Exterior Cleaning is the answer. We can make your walkways or pool apron look great again. We clean fences, too.
Concrete steps -- before and after

Deck Cleaning and Restoration
Is your deck looking old and dirty? We can clean the wood or composite decking so it looks clean and beautiful again. We can apply a professional grade stain and sealer to protect your deck for years to come.

Deck RestorationWe can make your deck look beautiful again
Deegan Deck"I recently had my deck replaced on my townhome in Mashpee. The construction turned out very well and now it needed staining.  The fact that I selected a wooden deck vs. a composite meant I needed to stain and most importantly protect the wood as best I could to preserve it.   I selected Chris Noyes's company Pro Exterior Cleaning to cover the new wood on my deck.  Chris assisted me in selecting the proper stain color to enhance the wood color combined with the best all weather protection.  After two coats of hand-brushed stain my deck is now complete and looks marvelous.   Many of my town home neighbors have not only commented but have requested the name of Pro Exterior Cleaning in anticipation of treating their decks.   I made the right choice and am very pleased with it." 
Jeannie Deegan

Alston Deck

Several weeks ago we hired Pro Exterior Cleaning to get rid of those ugly black streaks that had formed on our roof. The roof looks like new but that's not what I'm writing about. When Chris arrived to look at the job, he noticed the poor condition of the finish on our two porches. Since our house was built eleven years ago, one product after another had failed on the mahogany floors and rails. Chris said he had the right product and process to do the job- we can't believe our eyes! I can honestly say the porches look better than they did eleven years ago. Thanks Chris - we couldn't be more pleased.

Sandra Alston
Manomet, MA

"Very professional...the roof looks like new!" -- Larry Cappello, Mashpee, MA

"Takes Pride in his work" -- J. McLeod, Marston Mills, MA
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